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10 Tips to Find the Home of Your Dreams. By: Angela Colley

10 tips to find the home of your dreams

By: Angela Colley


Finding your dream home is a lot like finding the perfect partner. It might take a while, but when you find the one, you know you’ll always have the support of someone who just gets you. And when you find your dream home, you’ll always have the perfect place to unwind and make memories.

Thankfully, finding the perfect home is a lot easier than finding the perfect partner. A bit of planning and some legwork can get you into the home that fits you. No blind dates needed!

1. Find your style

While you might love craftsman homes or the sleek look of a modern kitchen in a penthouse apartment, you’ll be happiest if you consider what type of home will work best for you.

Single-family homes offer more privacy and freedom, which can be great if you have kids or pets who need a yard to run around in. But single-family homes also mean more weekends full of maintenance projects. Condos often come with condo associations that handle a lot of the outside maintenance for you, but a condo might not have the green space you need for your family, and you’ll pay monthly dues to the association.


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